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Entry #4

describe your last dream

2012-12-30 03:40:00 by uglyslug

i'm interested

describe your last dream


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2012-12-30 06:13:54


uglyslug responds:

ooo sexc


2012-12-30 06:23:47

A royal castle where evil loomed silently. I was a part of this castle, in some way. I knew that if I found myself in an unwanted area of the castle, I would be devoured by the death that awaits me. I felt it close, as if it, too, was a part of me. I remember thinking to myself, ''The reason why this castle is safe from evil, is because you are stronger than others. Your evil hasn't taken over as the evil of others has accomplished otherwise. This is why this castle belongs to you, and this is why you have to face the little darkness that is left.'' Then the dream changed and tricked me into a night terror. Stuffed animals came alive and everything went to hell. God damn my night terrors, they are a tricky lot. I still love the deep encryptic messages I receive from time to time. That shadow archetype knows how to entertain me. I love it, to death, ironically.

uglyslug responds:

the castle isn't from evil if it's silently looming around the place!


2012-12-30 06:28:19

It actually just happened last night, and although I don't remember much I know that I slept peacefully for the first night in a long time. Have you ever had a dream where you fall in love? Not just fall in love, but this person happens to be the boy/girl of your dreams? Yeah, that happened last night. Oh, it was fantastic watching fireworks and watching stars from a tree house and just being with someone. Man, it felt great. Unfortunately I had to wake up eventually, but I wasn't even upset. I was just glad I had the dream...I was literally smiling when I woke up since it was such a pleasant feeling knowing that when I find a girl to fall in love with I would be able to spend time with her like I did in that dream :)
Sorry, for spilling all this mush all over the place, but hey, you asked for it.


uglyslug responds:

make that dream a reality


2012-12-30 07:16:52

The other day I noticed there was a bee in a wine bottle (I don't drink wine).
That night, I had a dream that I was drinking chocolate milk. Guess what was in it?
Put the glass down and stopped drinking. Woke up.

uglyslug responds:

fucking bees


2012-12-30 07:29:30

I dreamed i was Corvo from Dishonored but Then a Room exploded into a Deserty Battle Field


2012-12-30 07:56:50

YOU STRUGGLE to keep your eyes open. Each time your eyes close, they take longer and longer to open back up. Feeling frustrated, you consider holding your eyelids up with your fingers, but even they had betrayed you. You can only see a few flight controls of your space shuttle in front of you, and beyond the glass, your eyes gaze into the void of nothingness. The void, like a black hole, was tugging at your consciousness; each tug making you weaker and weaker. Your vision was fading and the void was swallowing up your senses. But you struggle. You shake and wiggle your mind and soul, but fail to acknowledge your body. You avert eyes from the void, and distract yourself in the novelties which were in sight. A red button, a steering stick, a digital clock. Then you notice the clock had stopped. No, it was just failing. 00:02:23... 00:02:24... No, it wasn't even failing. You realize that your heart was beating at a similar frequency. "Lub... Dub... ... Lub... Dub... ..." And it was getting even slower. And slower... You waited longer and longer for the next second or the next beat. Then, the appeared to stop entirely. You kept waiting, but neither a tick or a 'Lub' was to heard or felt. And that was it. You could only FEEL lonely, and trapped inside your body... And space... And time...

The piece of music can accompany this.

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-30 08:05:26

you have to know i`m writing a book, dreams are about it,and sincerely i don`t know if they`re Dreams or nightmares.If you find some grammar mistakes i can explain,this is not my primary language.I won`t describe only what i see,but what i feel too...*hope it works xD*

Dark,i`m lying in an uncomfortable bed.But suddenly a Strong voice >it`s time<
Light,too much for my Eyes,then the objects of my tent start shaping and i remember where am I,what i`m doing here in this wasteland with other 300 men,at war:a golden old ,tunic-weared man
said they have to die,all of them,because they are son of evil,because if we don`t we`re all gonna
die.I get up,clean up my face and finally i get to my friend and savior;but it-s not a man,it`s made of metal,forged to perfectly fit my body.The gambeson first to protect my body from metal,after that the slings,then the chest,and finally the chainmail covers me from head to foot.Then i get my sword,my father`s sword,the only thing left from him,because the church got everything he had,except the instrument that would have allowed me to continue his mission;and when i drew her i`m feeling the thousand of souls brought to hell during these two years.I get out of my tent and i get in line.I feel everything.
My skin on leather and on the chainmail;my heart`s beats;my breath,so strangely calm,maybe because there is no point in panic for what is coming next;the commander getting everyone in line,the forward signal,the shouting from where we`re heading and them.They seem human from the distance but once wee can see them better they`re not.They are taller,with scales and long white teeth;shields swords and armors as do we but they`re so many more than us.
Then it comes,and everything stops,that indescribable moment when we-re looking each other before the charge;and during that i looked at the red cross over our us and i thought
>all of this,for a cross?<

uglyslug responds:

sci-fi crusades. noice.


2012-12-30 08:08:48

tell me what you think,this is the earliest part i`m doing!
feedback very,very,very,very appreciable!


2012-12-30 08:12:50

Oh don't get me started on disturbing dreams >:D

What? you didn't ask for one? Well too bad your getting one of them >:P

In one of my dreams (last month I imagine) I dreamed about popping a pimple. Well, when all the oiling stuff came out of it, I noticed that the oil just wanted to keep on pumping out, so I kept pushing it out.

Slowly, the oil became more solid, and it just kept going out of the pimple. It was at the point where I noticed how long it's taking the oil to get out that when I looked in a mirror, I saw that it was my skin as well that was coming out of my face...

<_< meh it was a while back... but that was my dream anyways XD (the most disgusting dream ever too! :\ )

uglyslug responds:

creepy. i like it


2012-12-30 08:38:46

I had a similar dream to Jeromia down there but it stopped after "so I kept pushing it out" it was real weird.
I can relate to this picture in the sense that none of my dreams are colour correct (if that makes sense)


2012-12-30 09:03:03

Last night I dreamt my GF cheated on me but for some reason assumed I'd be OK with it and offered a 3-some with some dude, that I think I might've known. I wasn't down for that so me and her started fighting with these tiny fireplaces with loads of Christmas decorations on, on long pieces of rope, kinda like really long nunchucks. I think I won but not really too sure.


2012-12-30 10:10:18

it was a simple dream. everything was in a shade of blue i was in a small convenient store in an area where iv'e never been before, i was scared,confused i was looking for my way home but couldn't find it
all of a sudden i heard a loud noise and a pain was felt through my chest. i soon fell to the ground and woke up.


2012-12-30 11:27:41

I practice Lucid dreaming so I'll just write a memorable one from my dream journal :

I'm riding a motorcycle down a long, winding road that stretches out endlessly. I change gears effortlessly (which perturbs me since I only know to ride a gearless bike).

*next sequence begins*
I'm at my cousin's place. She hands me a couple of parcels to give to someone. I make eye contact with her and the next thing I know we are kissing. (Ouch! I know)

*I am fully aware now that I am dreaming and dismiss the sequence myself*
I am in at a store with my mom buying clothes. All the clothes are made of bacon and everyone is nibbling at the clothes they have bought. The store changes to an old, abandoned house and I am trapped in a small crevice. I feel the onset of claustrophobia.

*I wake up covered in sweat, pace around in my room recollecting as much as I can. I go back to sleep concentrating on what I want*
Same house. But everything is clear now and it's like deja-vu. I run around a lot pulling lever-like switches and jumping over gaps (obviously extracted from Tomb Raider that I had been playing the week before). Just as I'm about to pull a big switch, everything fades out and start to wake up.
*I wake up and frantically jot down everything I can remember*

It may sound like a bit dramatic but that is the least you can achieve with lucid dreaming.

uglyslug responds:

i tried my hand at lucid dreaming. quit rather early. i should take that up again. thanks for the dream!


2012-12-30 12:06:52

my microbiology teacher was swimming in the sea, asking me why I wasn't in class. what

uglyslug responds:

so why weren't you in class?


2012-12-30 12:45:12

Last night I shot a guy in a swimming pool like 7 times in the back in my dream.

uglyslug responds:

i imagine he's dead now


2012-12-30 12:49:14

I was walking home from school with a girl I met in class, she was in a band and we got along...

dreams are cruel.... :(

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-30 12:53:07

i was floating above the ocean in what I can best describe as a giant bubble. The ocean started to boil and the heat made the bubble shrink wrap around my body, which cause me to start falling. I woke up before I hit the water.

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-30 14:02:42

Not my most recent, but it's my dream. I was a bird kid(like Maximum Ride) with a flock of fledgling bird kids. I was perching on a snowy mountain and looked down to see a birthday party going on. I command my fleet to fly down with me so we can destroy all the balloons(LOL WUT). I must've caused a big racket, cause' the Fantastic 4 came rolling in. Suddenly I turn into the Hulk, peel a large slab of iron off the ground, and hit the Thing as hard as I can. The Thing's orange skin shatters off and reveals a purple version of the Silver Surfer, but with skin. The Thing flies over the mountain and dies. The Fantastic 4 panic. THE END.


2012-12-30 14:38:57

The last one I can remember was about 2 days ago. I was in the shower and I had a little glass rod and I dropped it and it broke. That's all I remember.

uglyslug responds:

there's no such thing as nodding a no, but you can shake your head.


2012-12-30 15:23:36

I was on a plane with my mom, when suddenly the plane crashed into a lake and I flew out of the window. Bouncing on the water for about 2 minutes. I finally stopped when I reached an island were I stayed for many hours by the beach. At some point my mom came floating by in the water, i was so happy to see that she was okay and I asked for a ride home. She answered.
- I cant! Im going to a party!
I saw her float further out in the water intill I couldnt see her. I stayed a couple of more hours on the island intill I woke up. End.

That was one my my weirdest dreams I have ever had, bounching on the water was really fun though.

uglyslug responds:

i hope she enjoyed the party


2012-12-30 15:42:27

I landed a plane without knowing how to put down the landing gear by driving it backwards.

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-30 15:54:14

I dreamt almost exactly what happened to me the next day. I spent all day playing Monopoly. Weird.

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-30 16:00:31

All i remember i was on a "Who-the-hell-knows-where-and-which" planet. I went there with cops (Like that planet's cops) and eventually they died, while we were walking through sort of blue building what seemed like a school. My One-of-the-first dreams was like that: I was sitting in a dark room with door opened and white bright light shining through. Then the door closed, and i was hearing insect-like sounds with a Scary Ambient.


2012-12-30 16:04:05

I didn't mention that the building was having a Dead Ends and i passed through just because of my luck. The Dead Ends there had Deadly Traps, which you can't escape.


2012-12-30 16:04:06

I didn't mention that the building was having a Dead Ends and i passed through just because of my luck. The Dead Ends there had Deadly Traps, which you can't escape.


2012-12-30 16:39:41

Say what you will but zombies and small enclosed areas would have to be a constant for me,
and a multitude of injuries ensue.


2012-12-30 19:21:22

I caused the end of the world with some super powers I had, it was a "semi-lucid" dream, I knew it was a dream and I knew what was going on but I'm sad I couldn't control this awesome dream (not the end of the world just the powers lmao)


2012-12-30 19:56:27

I had a nightmare the other day that I was sitting in a chair at one of my old office jobs.

My coworkers were talking loudly about how excited they were about their favorite reality shows. American Idol was mentioned every several seconds. was awful. It gives me the chills.


2012-12-30 20:13:43

I woke up to see a cannibal gnome worship fire as my father warned me about it. Because I didnt listen, I waved at the gnome, and he told me to shoo. I blacked out, and awoke in my bed, and tried to scream. All that came out was a demonic noise as I saw my dad lying in a pool or urine, rolling around it like a pig in mud. My brother was the only sensible one, listening to me and acting serious to the horrific situation we were in, until a black fog came and red appeared around the corners of my eyes. I awoke for real, only to see that I had a spasm and couldn't stop nodding my head. Then I ejaculated blood. That's why I never sleep anymore.

(Updated ) uglyslug responds:



2012-12-30 20:16:59

My last dream I was running from Freddy Krueger, and then he caught up to me and he told me he didn't want to kill me. So then we became friends and had tea together. Then I woke up. XD


2012-12-30 21:51:49

What a nice post.

So, no dreaming last night unfortunately. Sometime the night before or maybe the night before that Idk. But, last I remember I was in a casino and a Johnny Lee Hooker song was playing over the intercom and I commented to this guy (who was apparently a friend I knew. In the logic of the dream it felt that way anywho) how I thought this music was way ahead of its time. He dissagreed and said it sounded pretty modern and I was just like (jokingly of course) oh, whatever. You're a mainstreamer anyway. He then asked "what's wrong with that?' and I said "not much, it's just kind of prevents you from standing out is all and you wanna be popular right?" Then he said of course." "Well?", I replied and he just nodded. I repeated the question again and he continued to nod over and over again. There was suddenly an eruption of a mob that tore the place apart piece by piece. After getting a closer look I realized that it was the zoo of monkeys from Canada that I saw in a video before. One guy shouted "Apes with down syndrome!" and apparently they did have down syndrome and were biting everyone on the head to give them the disability too. I told my friend we had to get out of here now! But he just continually kept nodding, this time muttering "mm hmm" in a tone of annoyance. I was speechless at his stupidity. Finally, as I started to run and drag him by the collar out with me, a monkey jumped on me from behind. It's face was so bizzare looking. It had fangs that looked like the baby if Neil Diamond had sex with a european mail box. My friend finally got so pissed at me for screaming in fear that he screamed in my ear with a megaphone. Then the monkey jumped him, he cought the down syndrome. and next thing I knew I was locked in a room with him and a black rapist and they came at me slowly with their arms in the air like zombies. Then I woke up and fed my cat to take my mind off of it, but at the same time I was still trying to process what happened. That's nothing on a daily basis though. I've had way more disturbing dreams than that! I don't know if you or the readers will be able to handle those though. Maybe another day. This isn't the appropriate place. Let alone the story I did tell. Just soak that sucker in for a while...

uglyslug responds:

it's soaking


2012-12-30 22:37:17

To understand my dream, you need a bit of my history. My family moved around alot (Still do, sadly...) and there was a point where we lived in an apartment complex, but that was a long time ago...Which is why I don't have ANY idea why I'm still dreaming about that place.
Anyways, the last dream I had, I was chilling in front of my old friend and childish crush Taylor's apartment building, like building G, or H, or something like that. Me and her were talking, having fun, just hanging out, then this huge semi truck (I don't even know how it fit in the parking lot, really) came at us, Taylor and me jumped out of the way, the semi crashed into the building, and this deranged looking psychopathic truck driver jumped out and chased me inside, no idea where Taylor went. Probably ran away or something, this guy was that scary looking. Anyways, the psycho truck driver cornered me in the building's upstairs hallway, then started choking me and stabbing me with a knife. No idea where the knife came from. Anyways, I woke up with a loud gasp after that, and my dad was still up, so we talked and laughed about it.
Bad dreams are joke fuel for me, I'm messed up like that.

...Do I get a cookie now?

uglyslug responds:

you get a knife to the gut


2012-12-30 23:53:59

I became best friends with Miley Cyrus, then later on she was giving out autographs so I went in line to get her autograph and my friends didn't believe that I was friends with her, and the line was SO FREAKING LONG so I went and ate a taco.

(This dream happened last night.)

uglyslug responds:

was the taco good?


2012-12-31 00:12:10

I had a dream that it was dark, I was inside a video game, the lighting looked that of a older batman video game, i was flying a ship shooting at a virus controlled tower (I think?) on a building, i kept shooting lasers but it wouldnt die, so i shot at the building until it collapsed, i saved the city and there was a man and a woman in futuristic jumpsuits who said I foiled their plan and they would try again in the future and sped off. Not near as cool or bizarre as my other dreams but eh oh well


2012-12-31 03:28:25

i had a dream like I'm in the madness world. there a big scary house and i walked in, suddenly the floor crack and i saw a modern AAHW base under it. I jumped down, killed an agent then stole a gun and shot every employees. I opened up a door and i saw a golden dragon sword, some how i feel cold when I walk near it i reached my hand to get it but then i woke up... i think: how did i felt cold when it was a dream


2012-12-31 03:39:39

well this happened like a year and a half ago.

I was volunteer as a teacher in a program in wich a group of mostly 5 persons went to diferent areas of the country to give classes to kids who can't go to school, during this time we had to travel to those areas and make a living in their schools (yeah sounds weird, maybe i can't explaint as i wish because inglish is not my primary lenguage) so we had to sleep in there, in the stay i met a girl with who i was going to sleep with all the time (not sleep like sex, but that dosen't mean i didn't wanted to).

So that night she was cuddling me when i fall sleep, in my dream i was skating in a place that i use to go regularly until the fuckers put fences, and i was like ok dreaming but suddenly this guys came to me running and punch me in the face, i fell from the skate and said WTF!, see those dudes to the face and realise they where some kids i went in kinder garden with (but like almost 2 mtrs tall now) and they started chocking me, I started to get blackened vision but regain strenght and jump from the floor to start chocking them with 1 hand each......... at that moment I just jumped from the "floor-bed" with hands far extended and sending the girl far away.

I did my best to explain it but man, I rarely write in english.

uglyslug responds:

i think the horrible english is what makes it hilarious


2012-12-31 04:19:27

Watched Inception. Then dreamed it. Never thought i could waste my time by sleeping. meh.


2012-12-31 07:47:18

My dream is this I wake up in a boat and my little sister is there and she say's "get up we have to go" and I say "where?" and then she just repeat's what she said so I get up and I follow her but just as I step off the boat I'm in a town and my sister's gone and there isn't even anyone in the town so I go around the town yelling out my sister's name but she's not here and then I hear a noise like a cup hitting a wood floor and I turn around to see what fell and then the town is full of people and they're all looking at me like i'm crazed or I have a disease and whenever I try to ask them if they had seen my sister they just look away from me and it go's on like that for a bit then everyone just disappears and then I see my sister in the middle of the town just standing there looking at something on the ground and as I move toward's her she turn's to look at me (this is where it get's really weird) and she's bleeding from her eye's and she's got a sword (yes a sword not a knife a sword) in her hand like stabbed in her hand not holding it it's IN her hand and then just when I get to her to try and help her i'm in a forest with a baby in my hand's and when I try to look at the baby it try's to claw my eye's out and that's when I wake up. )= do you think i'm crazy?

uglyslug responds:

i think we're all crazy


2012-12-31 09:32:21

I almost got raped by my ex girlfriends. Then Starsky and Hutch saved my ass.


2012-12-31 11:52:29

I dreamt it was raining and I could basically control friction. I can push off against the ground to get faster, but apparently I can't slow down. I just kept running, overtaking cars and running away from the police (for some reason). If I died, (fell into a river or hit a wall or something) I would just respawn back at the "start". I woke up by trying to punch something, but IRL I punched the corner of my desk. Not really my last dream, just the latest and most awesome one I could remember.

uglyslug responds:

that would make a great vidya game


2012-12-31 13:34:42

well, currently I a waiting for a package, and i dreamt that i received the package.

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-31 13:39:03

I dreamed I kept waking up and looking at the clock. Then I noticed the clock had weird nonsensical times that changed every time I blinked. I realized I was dreaming and used telekinesis to move shit around my room haha. Then I went flying.

Had a hard time realizing when I was finally awake because I kept waking up in my dream... Must have happened 10 times in a row, I'm not even exaggerating...


2012-12-31 15:47:42

i dreamed about using necromancy


2012-12-31 15:48:27

I dreamed that I was in a zombie apocalypse,but i remember only the last part of my dream.

Me and four people , 2 guys and 2 girls , one of the guys was a random strong person and the other guy was Mark from Tellttale's Walking Dead , and the 2 girls were again , just some random girls , we were in under a collapsed building and there was water , like after a rain , we've found a
rectangular stone with a wooden helm , we had to rotate the helm to open an near elevator , so we can escape , then a bunch of zombies came after us , we had to make a stand , while Mark was rotating the helm. During the stand , the 2 girls told us that they were bitten , the other guy put a girls in a cell , and i smashed the other girl's head with a baseball bat (I don't know why I just did it) and no one reacted about that.
OK,then the elevator opened , but the other guy didn't made it because the doors closed automatically when I and Mark entered the elevator,then the elevator stopped , and I saw some sort of...per dor or something like that on the elevator's wall but it was big , we could fit throught it , I went first but then that zombie female from TT TWD from Clem's house entered the elevator via emergency exit and ate Mark , my legs got stucked in that pet door a bit , but i managed to free then I climbed to the top on the elevator's support cables , there were many survivors but for 1 minute i had an hallucination that they were zombies and I almost kicked the nearest girl , but she dodged my hit , and then the hallucination was gone , I've told her that i'm sorry and that i had hallucination because i played Dead Island a year ago and there was a rooftop full of zombies just like we were , but it really wasn't , then she told me that she played it too , now one year and then she asked me if I came with a 7th or 8th grade boy , I said no and then she said "Oh,what a shame!" Then i walked away and I woke up , it was the best dream ever.
(Sorry if you don't know the TWD game or the characters , because maybe some of you didn't played it but I recomend you to play it if you didn't aldready because it is a very good game.)


2012-12-31 17:26:51

i was flying. at first i thought it was a plane, but it was not. i knew my altitude despite not having a meter. it was about 100000. it looked like dawn, but there were no stars, nor land. it felt serene.

uglyslug responds:



2012-12-31 19:34:06

This Dream was a little weird. I was a knight and me and this other knight Laura were looking for this ancient evil that manifested itself in someone. we walked around this town for a while and found this house that was glowing we thought this must be the house so I kick down the door and we rush in we look around and Laura stops at this cabinet and I say "what is it is some thing wrong" she says " I think it's in here" I say "no way" but I sort of sensed something too so I try to open it its locked so I use my sword to pry it open and a rooster with glowing red eyes pops out I we laugh are asses off I say "This is the ancient evil" and then slice its head clean off we were about to leave when three guy with glowing red eye run in one pins Laura to the ground before she can draw her sword and kick him off her and stab in in the chest she rushes to her feet and says "Thanks" I reply "no prob" she draws her sword and slices the second ones head off the third makes a swing at me I parry and swing but I miss and kicks me I hit the ground and he's about to finish me off when Laura stabs him and helps me up She asks "you okay" I reply "I am fine" She kisses me on the cheek for some reason I Say "what was that for" She says "for saving me" I reply "you saved me two" She replies" I know but your also kinda cute" we laugh and walk out side and everyone has glowing red eyes I say "crap" and wake up. It was a LONG dream.

uglyslug responds:

it's a romantic comedy


2013-01-01 11:44:31

I just dreamed that i was raped and fucked in the same time by a n***a and a gorilla wich is wierd 'cause I'm a boy... Dreams are cruel >:(


2013-01-23 23:39:10

i have terrifying dreams that always involve bug dissection.
I also can sometimes control dreams, but that goes on for a lil bit. I think i can do that when drifting off to sleep only.

uglyslug responds:

bug dissection is cool


2013-01-24 17:13:53

your signature needs anti-aliasing

uglyslug responds:

there's no escaping awful gif transparency.


2013-03-06 17:35:20

I was running. I don't know from who but it belt like everyone. I spent the whole dream jumping rooftops and stuff (not in a cool way, in a desperate and barely-making-each-jump way). People kept noticing me out their windows and stuff and either picking up the phone or coming out after me. Any moment of rest was taken up by my cell going off with a message that said something like "save me" or something equally generic from the same person. Idk who but I obviously knew in the dream. Everything was very black with like reflective orange highlights. The buildings were all very right-angle-ish and I was nowhere near the ground at any point. Like the city was a downtown type area but all housing like apartments and condos and stuff. Middle of the night. I wasn't dressed like myself exactly either. My jacket where I kept my phone was a front-zipped turtle neck with a snap button on the top. It had one vertically zipped pocket with my cell in it in about the middle of my left chest. It was unzipped, showing some sort of grey on grey graphic T that was tucked in to my relatively baggy jeans that were held up by a black belt with a rectangular silver buckle and I think I was even wearing boots. Not an outfit that I've ever worn, but I guess I could see myself wearing it. My hair was short but somehow kept getting in my face and dark like my real hair color instead of it's current longish bleach blond. I didn't see one other American, in fact anyone I saw was like vaguely spanish or asian, and when people yelled about seeing me they were not yelling in English. Still, I didn't feel lost at all. It seemed like I knew where I was going and how to get there but was so busy running/hiding. I felt my whole existence was getting to where I was going though, and I'm daily sure I was under the impression that the person texting me was located there. Eventually I couldn't make a gap and fell quite a distance down and landed p. roughly on a lower roof. It didn't hurt but it felt like i couldn't move for a moment. When I staggered to my feet I found I had lost a tooth somewhere in the fall. I continued on pretty quickly. a few roofs later my mouth felt all weird so i reached in and effortlessly pulled out another tooth. I stopped and stared down at my tooth in my hand for a really long time. My daze was broken by another tooth that I didn't even feel falling out of my mouth..